Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Watch, Think, Color Games

What is Watch, Think, Color?

Watch, Think, Color is a game I made when my students were learning place value. I created a powerpoint showing numbers represented by base tens units. The kids had hundreds charts and colored in the spot that corresponded with the number.  When they were done, they had made a picture on their chart. They LOVED the game. They were quiet and focused. The slides changed automatically so they could not whine if they got behind. I found that this game afforded me a few minutes to attend to other classroom duties. My kids were engaged in learning WITHOUT me entertaining them! I have made many versions of the game focusing on different skills including counting money, reading number words, expanded notation, mixed operations and (of course) place value. When I start this game with a new class or we move on to a new skill, I do it with them the first time. I pause the powerpoint so that we can discuss what number is represented. After the class has a grasp on how the game works, I let the game go with automatic page turns. 

This is a Veteran's Day Version of the game.

This game has animated leaves and the sound of wind on the last slide.
Here students must read number words and color the number.
Students must color spot 56 red in this game!
Here trees represent tens and leaves are used for ones. This indicates color spot 55 brown.