Thursday, February 20, 2014

Number Mysteries for Math Detectives!

My first graders just started adding two digit numbers, but some of them still need a little practice with place value.  I made a fun center that focuses on ten more/ten less and one more/one less.  It was such good practice and so much fun that I decided to share it!

Students pick a card, write their number in the center, and then fill in the missing numbers around it.  I made cards in both color and black and white.  There are a total of 30 different cards.

Super easy to prep and great practice!  That is the way uh-hu, uh-hu I like it!  :)

I hope some of your little math detectives can get some good out of this.  Click here to download this freebie!


Suzy Q said...

This will be great practice for my second graders...we did fine on the hundreds chart. Now they are supposed to use numbers in the thousands...and some will add all kinds of numbers! This will be great to show them it is still +10/-10! Thank you!

Autumn Morrison said...

Hi Suzy Q! My kids do silly stuff like that too! Sometimes it takes a while before it finally clicks. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Autumn Morrison said...

P.S. I TOTALLY hate the exclamation point on this font! It looks like a lowercase l. I always think I have typos and it is just that darn exclamation point!!!! :( Sorry just had to vent! :)

asbishop said...

I am ready to do this tomorrow for our warm up. I will fill the middle boxes in on one side which we will check together and then copy the same without anything in the middle and let them pick their own challenges and then exchange papers with a partner. They have to stay with the partner and check the work so they need to know their own answers. I think they will have a great time.

Autumn Morrison said...

What a fun idea! Working with partners and choosing their own challenge? They are going to LOVE it! Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Such a great practice for my firsties! :)

Elizabeth Howell said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I can think of several ways that I can use it.

Kimberly DeRose said...

I am building an animated slide show that adds the magnifying glass every few minutes similar to your other cool automated presentations! You have inspired me to automate everything!

Jennifer Cox-Brock said...

PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! Hi there. I'm coming to you as a parent of a first grader that is trying to figure out how to help my son do this as homework. Given with no instruction from the teache on how to complete this. How should I go about this! What is the answer to the sample one on your page? (This activity / -10-+10, -1-,+1) And how do I help him with the rest? She had the middle number filled in on each. I don't get it.

Jennifer Cox-Brock said...

Can you please help me to know what I'm doing here so I can help my son do his homework. His teacher has all of the middle numbers filled in and she did not give us the page with the numbers inside magnifying glasses. How do we complete? Say the middle number is 19...what's the answer?

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