Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Magic Spelling

Hi Friends!  I have something fun to share with you!  A while back I posted about making crayon cakes.  Click here to read that post!  I use these for lots of things in my room.  One of my favorites is "Magic Spelling".  When we do this spelling activity, the kids use crayon cakes to completely cover one side of a paper.  We flip it over and write our spelling words on the back.  The pencil pushes the crayon onto a paper below and the words "magically" appear in rainbow color.  The kids always LOVE this spelling station.  I just used some cute clip art from Krista Wallden at Creative Clips to make a really fun spelling worksheet.  Click here to download my magic spelling worksheet!

*Due to many requests, I have updated the spelling worksheet to also include pages for 15 and 20 words!

Front Side 
Back Side

These pages should be folded in half.  One half of the back gets colored.  There are small stop signs to remind kids not to color on the other half.  The thicker the crayon, the better the results.  When they are finished coloring, they write their words on the front.  My kids often write their words and then trace them a few times to make them appear even darker.  I love that they are writing their words again and again without me asking them to!  Tricky teaching!  LOVE IT!

Step 1 - COLOR!

Step 2 - Write your spelling words!

Step 3 - Open to reveal the MAGIC!
This is a really fun spelling activity.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Have a "magical" week!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

WTC Bundle of the Month Club

In 2013, I made SO many Watch, Think, Color games that I started selling them in bundles.  I noticed that some teachers were buying bundle after after bundle.

Not familiar with Watch, Think, Color games?  Here is the rundown - use your projector to show numbers in a variety of ways.  Kids WATCH the board, THINK of the number, and COLOR it on a chart at their seat.  When they are finished, they have made a picture.  These games keep kids engaged and focused for about 20 minutes.  Teachers across the country tell me that their classes have never been as quiet as they are when they use these games.  The best part is that they run themselves.  You can grade some papers, work with small groups, test students one-on-one, WHATEVER you need to do!  WTC is always on my lesson plans.

I want you to be able to make WTC games part of your routine without going broke.  I had the best idea for 2014- Watch, Think, Color Bundle of the Month!!!  Every month, I will feature a new bundle for only $5 all month long.  This month's bundle is inspired by popular video games.

All designs in the Video Game Bundle are available in:

  • Number Sense to 120
  • Expanded Notation
  • Rounding
  • Multiplication Practice
  • Division Practice
  • Counting Coins
All these games are only $5!  Even more skills will be added to this growing bundle!  Whenever new skills are added, you can download the latest additions from TpT.

February's featured bundle will be the Patriotic Bundle.  Just in time for President's Day!  You get Lincoln, Washington, an American Flag, USA, and a Veteran.  Each design comes in a variety of math skills.  You can choose what your kids need to work on.  It will be just $5 the entire month of February!  Enter to win a FREE bundle!
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You might also like my Valentine's Day Bundle.  This set is really fun because there are worksheets that turn your finished games into valentine cards to give away.  They are SUPER cute!

Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the raffle! :)