Saturday, August 1, 2015

Making the most of the Back to School Sale

Have you heard the big news?  It is time for TpT's annual Back to School sale!  During the sale, everything in my store will be 20% off.  Use promo code BTS15 to save an additional 10%.

I am a serious shopper and love to get the most bang for my buck.  Here are a few of my tips and tricks for getting the most out of your TpT sale.

1)  Earn TpT credits by leaving feedback!
Go through all your previous purchases and make sure you have left feedback.  You can use your points to save even more off the sale prices.  It is easy to see what items you have not left feedback for.  Just go to "My Purchases" and then sort items by "Needs Feedback".  SO easy and this could save you big time!
2)  Go through your wishlist.
This is the time to clean out that wishlist.  Maybe you put something on there and you have changed your mind.  Maybe you put something wonderful on there and forgot all about it.  This is the time to prioritize and snag products while they are discounted.

3)  Plan ahead!  
Site-wide sales don't come around often.  Think of all the things that will be coming up...Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, apples, and Halloween just to name a few.  This is the time to stock up for things you know you will need in the future.

I want to show you some of the new things I have in my store.  I have added some great management tools since the last sale.  If you don't have these, you should check them out.

This set is perfect for working on sustained silent reading.  Check out this video to see a preview of it in action.  

This set includes a variety of themes and I will keep adding more until I get themes and holidays for the entire year.  It currently has:
St. Patrick's 
Click here to check out Reading Stamina Timers and Tools in my store.

This set already includes 60 themes to keep student behavior on-track and it keeps growing!  I will keep adding themes to this set until it reaches the maximum file size allowed on TpT.  I use these EVERYDAY with my kids.  We use the build tools while I run reading groups.  We use the take away tools at clean-up.  These were too of the worst times of the day for me and now they are a breeze.  I can literally praise and correct behaviors without saying a word.  This is a MUST!  To read more about Classroom Management Life Savers, click here.  To add them to your wishlist, click here.

This set includes 60 games!  I love using these games while I assess students one-on-one.  They keep the whole class engaged so that I can really focus on the kiddos I am assessing.  Each game takes about 20 minutes.  Almost every day I get feedback from teachers telling me that their kids have never been as quiet as they are during Watch, Think, Color games.  I have many bundles in my store, but this set is discounted 50% during the month of August.  That discount along with the 28% you can save during the big sale makes this a KILLER deal!  Click here to check these games in my store.  

4.  Calendar Math with Interactive Calendar Notebooks
This set is brand spankin' new and I am SOOOO excited about it.  It includes everything I want in calendar activities - ten frames, tallies, graphing, patterns, number sense.  It includes a PowerPoint and notebooks for students to follow along at their seats.  If you are bored of the same old calendar routine, be sure to check this out.  It is going to be so much fun!

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I hope you have the best new school year ever!