Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Results of the Jelly Bean Science Experiment

I just couldn't wait until Friday!  We put the jelly beans in Sierra Mist and waited for about an hour.  The soda was dyed the color of the jelly beans and they turned completely white.  It was pretty fun!  VERY easy and cheap - 1 bag of jelly beans $2.00 and a soda from the machine in the lounge $0.50.  I would totally recommend doing this with your classes , plus when we had plenty of jelly beans to share after we finished!  YUM!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Math, Science, and a FREEBIE to Share!

Easter is so much fun!  Right now my class is finishing up a unit on money.  I created several Easer Baskets for them to use to practice counting coins.  They fill each egg with the correct amount of money then close it up.  I can look at them right away or save them to check later if I am too busy at the moment.  I also have three "Bankers" in my room who help me check.  They have really mastered counting money and have shown that they are responsible helpers and good teachers.  I use the different colored eggs to differentiate the centers.  For example, the pink ones are the most basic (10 cents) and the green ones are the most difficult (more advanced numbers and how many coins you must use).  This is a really easy center to put together and the kids have had a lot of fun with it. 

I found a cute science experiment on pinterest that I want to try on our Fizzle Pop Friday.  You put a different color jelly bean into Sprite and see what happens.  Do all jelly bean colors have the same reaction?  The link from the pinterest board does not work, so this will be a real experiment!  We will see what happens. 

I have posted a FREE Easter Egg Watch, Think, Color game.  In this game, kids use their favorite color crayon so you end up with lots of colors of eggs.  Do you have any fun Easter ideas to share?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Primary Techie Blog and Watch, Think, Color Demo Video

I started this blog in November, but also started another blog (The Reading Ticket).  I have spent a lot more time and energy on the Reading Ticket blog, but now realize I should never have abandoned this blog.  I am going to continue forward with two blogs.  The Reading Ticket was designed to go with my reading curriculum.  It will now be devoted solely to Harcourt Trophies first grade reading.  This blog will be used for all else Primary Techie. 

I love making fun stuff to use in the classroom.  I incorporate technology whenever possible.  I make a series of games called Watch, Think, Color.  These games have been a big hit on TpT.  They come in a variety of math skills and a ton of fun designs.  Check them out at my TpT store.  Here is a preview of how these games work.

There will be lots of fun stuff happening here, so I hope you follow me!    Have a great week!  - Autumn