Monday, August 26, 2013

How other teachers WTC

Sometimes I get the coolest feedback about how teachers are using Watch, Think, Color games in their classrooms!  I decided to take some of those ideas and share them with you.

  • Calculators - One second grade teacher has a class set of calculators.  She slows the timing down on the multiplication games and has kids key in the equations.  Cool, right?
  • Math Bulletin Boards - A teacher displays finished WTC pictures on bulletin boards. 
  • Math Journals - I recently heard from a teacher who uses the smaller size charts to glue in math journals.  They can write about what strategies they used to find the numbers.
  • Individual Computers - One teacher told me that she had a learning disabled student who LOVED these games, but was frustrated by the timings.  She turned the timings off and put him on his own laptop.  He would just press enter to advance the slide when he was ready.
I just love these ideas!  Are you using Watch, Think, Color games in a unique or different way?  Share your ideas with us!


Second Grade Stories said...

I love the idea of having kids use them individually on a computer. I'm going to make one a math center for a small group of students next week and see how it goes. Great idea! ~ Lisa

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