Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's time to Move IT!

Last year, I had a little guy who as REALLY wiggly!  He would not work for me.  Ever had a kid like that?  He was like Tigger - BOING!  BOING!  BOING!  All that bouncing makes it hard to hold a pencil!  I made Move It games as a compromise.  We do a bit of work then get up and move!  It's a win-win!  I made these games for one, but they ALL loved them! 

Move It games are PowerPoint that have built-in brain breaks.  There are animated timers and sound effects.  In these pictures, we were playing Beginning Sounds Move It.  I have these games for tons of reading and math skills.  My kiddos usually use dry erase boards to show their work.  I love this because I can do a quick assessment.  It is a great opportunity to talk out our thinking - how did we get our answers, what strategies did we use.  

Show your answers!
Desk Push-Ups!

Show your answers!

Run in place!  See the timer on the board?
Show your answers!

We work our brains then our bodies - brains then bodies - brains then bodies. We can do these activities for a long or short period of time. We don't need to "finish" the entire PowerPoint. If we have just ten or 15 minutes, this is a great time filler. I usually spend lots of time talking about each question and I can spend 45 minutes doing Move It activities and not even get to the end. We repeat the same games again and again because they are good practice. 

I have a bunch of these games that are plain and great to use any time of year. 

I also have some fun theme games.  There are some fun Pirate Move It games.  These include fun activities like "Hop on yer peg leg!".  There is pirate music and a parrot squawks to get back to the game. 

I have Ocean themed games where kids will "wiggle their tentacles" and more to wipe-out music.  A shark swims across the screen to signal them to get back to work. 

I have Halloween games and will be releasing more holidays and other fun themes. 


This is a terrific way to practice skills with your kiddos and have fun at the same time!   Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about these activities! 


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