Tuesday, August 13, 2013

more FLASH less CARDS!

Lots of times I find that I have just a few minutes before the end of the day or recess.  I want to keep my kids busy and engaged, but there isn't really much time.  Down time = naughty time!  When those kiddos are not engaged, that is when all the trouble starts!  I always WANT to practice some skills in these few minutes, but it seems like I spend those precious few minutes looking for what it was I wanted to do with them.  (Did you see the pictures of my room?  Organization is a goal I am working towards!) 

Another problem; I have a TON of flash cards, but they are too small for kids to see them.  I solved both my problems by making digital flash cards!  Yep!  They are pretty cool!  I keep these powerpoints pinned to my desktop so that I never lose them!  They have fun sound effects and animations so the kids stay focused and engaged!  Most of my "more FLASH less CARDS" also have different speeds.  I can choose for them to run themselves.  This is really useful if I need a minute to call the office or deal with a crying kiddo.  I have a bunch of these games in my TpT store.  Here are a few of them:

Firework Flash Dice - watch as dice "burst" into the air.  Can you say the number of dots without counting?  Also available in Firework Flash Dice Sums to 12.


 Fishy Letters and Sounds - Fish with letters "swim" across the screen.  Have your kiddos say the letter name or its sound before he swims away.  Nice quiet ocean sound in the background and three speeds to choose from.  This is one of my top go-to items in my room.  It is quiet and calming. I also really love the soft ocean sound.


The Magic 10 Trick - there are two cards but only one is face-up.  Can you guess the other?  Abra Cadabra!  The wand waves and the card magically appear making a set of 10.  Great sound effects and graphics in this one!

I have even MORE of these "more FLASH less CARDS" games in my store.   I love that they keep my kids focused, engaged, and thinking so we don't waste time.  Less down time = less naughty kids!  More engaging activities = more happy kids!  Gotta love that!


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