Saturday, September 7, 2013

Free 9-11 Watch, Think, Color Games

This is the last slide of the Watch, Think, Color game.
I think it is so important to NOT forget about the tragic events of September 11th.  Can you believe it has been 12 years?  Most of our students were not even born.  They may not understand the devastating impact this left on so many lives.  I have little firsties.  Their sweet, young hearts cannot understand this kind of cruelty.  I do not talk about the ugly nitty-gritty stuff with my little ones.  I do not want to frighten them or confuse them.  They are too young to understand the severity of the day.  While I don't want to show them news footage of the event, I also don't want to ignore it.  We acknowledge the day by discussing it as a day of love.  On September 11th, remember to hug your mom and dad.  Don't fight with your brother or sister.  Be kind to others.  I have designed some Watch, Think, Color games that show 9-11 in a heart. 

The end of the game shows a picture of the towers. 

Whether you teach older children who already know about the terrorist attacks or little guys who are not able to understand this tragedy, this is a terrific way to acknowledge the day.  I am offering these designs for free download the week of September 11th only.  After this week, the games will be taken off the TpT market until next year.  The games are currently available in Number Sense to 120, Expanded Notation, and Multiplication Practice.  If there is a WTC skill that you would like to request this design in, please let me know in the comments below or on my facebook page.  I will try to make it for you.


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