Saturday, March 8, 2014

MOVE ITs are Movin' on Up!

I started making MOVE IT activities last year because I had a child with ADHD who WOULD NOT work for me.  I decided to make lessons that would be a compromise - just a few problems for me then a chance to do a physical activity for him.  More work for me, more activity for him.  He responded very well to this and the rest of my students LOVED it.  Let's face it, sitting is boring!  I have been making MOVE IT activities for the past year, and they keep getting better!  I started adding music during the exercise breaks.  Some teachers wanted the answer to show, others did not.  I am now including that as an option so that it fits each class.  I like to use dry erase boards with MOVE ITs.  I can quickly look around and assess where we are.   I can give immediate feedback and corrections if necessary.  Other teachers have requested that I include a worksheet for students to fill-out as we go.  This is now included in MOVE ITs.  Looking back on them, my first games seem a bit blah.  They just got better and better as I made more.  Those who purchased from the beginning were happy.  WOW!  This is EVEN better!  Those who purchased great MOVE ITs then purchased the originals were disappointed!  There is no music!  There is no optional answer!  There is no worksheet!  The graphics are...lacking!  It is my goal to update ALL the old MOVE ITs.  I want them to be just as great as the new ones!

So far, I have updated all of the Telling Time MOVE ITs.  They now have "What Does the CLOCK Say?" Theme.  There is music.  Graphics are wonderful.  100% improved!  I did keep the old version in the bundle - just as an additional option.
Choose telling time to half-hour, quarter-hour, five minutes, or to the minute.  Buy a bundle and save!

Click the flower on the bottom corner and the digital clock at the bottom will appear!  Click any place else to advance without showing the answer.  

Four fun physical activities that are good for the body and the brain!

Print the worksheet or have kids write on dry erase boards!  
Here are the links for "What Does the CLOCK Say?":

I have also updated all the addition and subtraction MOVE ITs.  The new theme is "Math Monsters".

24 practice slides.  Click the corner to show answer or advance to the next slide.
Animated timers and fun music play while kids MOVE IT!

More practice, then more MOVE IT breaks!

Worksheets correlate with the theme!
Here are the links for the Math Monsters MOVE ITs:

One of my favorite things about Teachers Pay Teachers is how easy it is to download your previous purchases.  Just go to "My Purchases" and see if anything has been revised, then download the new version!  LOVE that!  If you own a MOVE IT that you believe needs updating, just send me a note on TpT under "ask a question" or in the comments below.  I am working on all the originals, but if I know you want one now, I will make that a priority.  Speaking of updates, I have many more MOVE ITs to revise, so I better stop bloggin' and get back to work!

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