Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Watch, Think, Color Evolution and some FREEBIES

I started making WTC games about five years ago.  When they started, they all showed a number.  It was all about matching numbers on the hunderds chart.   After we played a few games like this, I started thinking of the possibilities.  I started making games that showed equations, coins, base ten units, SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!  WTC has continued to evolve.  I get lots of requests like "Can you make these with fractions?"  How can I?  I tried to wrap my head around this for a long time.  It has officially happened!  I am now making WTC games in a new format that allows me to make so many more skills - telling time, fractions, fact fluency, subitizing, and more!  The first bundle to include the new format is the Frozen Bundle.

It already contains Telling Time, Fact Fluency to 12, Number Sense (1-120), and Reading Number Words.  Like all expanding bundles, this set will continue to get new skills added.  I will also add all these new skills to the existing bundles.  These games do take quite a bit longer to make, but I know they are going to have a huge impact on mental math skills.  I am so excited about all the possibilities!

I made some WTC crowns that I wanted to share with you.  Kids LOVE wearing things, so I have made a bunch of Phonics Crowns, Alphabet Crowns, and Celebration Crowns.  I using these crowns in my classroom because they only use one sheet of paper and require ZERO prep work!  When kids go home wearing hats, they just look like they had a great day!  Plus, parents know what is happening in school.  A hat that says "I love long A" is going to get parents asking kids about their day.   I love WTC so I had to make crowns for those,  too!

We are on spring break now, so I had my fifth grader play WTC division practice to keep her brain going.  She made Steve from Minecraft.  She is QUITE obsessed with Minecraft!  This game is sold in the Video Game Bundle.

My four year-old also wanted to make a crown so we worked together to do one of my Beginning WTC games.  Beginning WTC games use less colors, larger charts, and have longer timings.  You can print the WTC crowns by clicking here!
Yes!  We were still in our pajamas!  :)

I thought of another step to add to WTC games as well.  You can give students blank charts and have them write the numbers before you begin.  Great for number sense!  I am including some charts here.  There are two with dotted numbers to trace and one that has no numbers.  These blank charts would also be great for the WTC large charts.  Tell them to fill-in numbers starting with 401.  The thing that bugs me about the large charts is making sure that I have the right copy for the right game.  This would solve that problem and give them some extra number sense practice.  To print these charts, click here!

Chart with dotted numbers to trace.

My spring break is coming to a close, but I feel really productive which is AWESOME!  I didn't get everything on my wish list accomplished, but I have done a lot and feel re-energized.  I am super excited to go back to school and use some of the new resources I have been working on.

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Alex Paterson said...

Hi Autumn - I bought these as soon as I saw you had posted them. I did one of the time ones. My class picked up straight away that it was different from any of the other WTCs we have ever done. They thoroughly enjoyed it!! Can't wait til you add more to the pack.

Thanks Alex

Autumn Morrison said...

Hi Alex - Thanks so much! I am working on creating fraction WTC games right now! I am excited about all the possibilities this new format offers. Thanks again for your feedback. It motivates me to keep working on new games.
- Autumn

Jan said...

My Firsties and I love WTC! They will love the WTC crowns- thanks!

diane cruz said...

Do u have the answer sheet for Santa 2014? My son missed school and the teacher sent the worksheet but we don't know what to do?

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