Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fun with Turns, Flips, and Slides!

Just a quick little post about today's math fun.  My kids are working on geometry.  This is probably my favorite math skill to teach.  There is just so much to do with it!  Today we talked about turns, flips, and slides.  Our math page didn't have a whole lot of practice and it was a little boring, so I improvised another math lesson that turned out to be a lot of fun!  I put a handful of stamps on each table and passed out ink pads.  I gave my darlings scratch paper and had them divide it in half.  We used the stamps to show slides and turnss.  The kids absolutely LOVED doing this!  I have stamps for just about every holiday.  Every time I see stamps for $1, I can't help myself!  I am going to remember this activity for holiday centers next year.  So easy and literally zero prep work.  LOVE IT!!!


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