Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dream Classroom Makeover Continues...

LOVE getting packages in the mail!!! 
Yesterday was a VERY exciting day for my big classroom makeover!  I got a new writing table, buckets (which will become stools), and my upper cabinets arrived!  Woo-Hoo!!!!  Time to get busy!

I had a dark, rectangular table in my writing area and upgraded to a new round one.  This seemed to be a better fit.  I really disliked the color of the dark wood with the light wood on my new cabinets.  I ordered a 42" table.  I felt that this was still big enough to be comfortable for a group of students, but small enough to allow room to move around.  I chose a light maple with black edging because I felt the black would make the light wood pop.
Love the matching wood!
My writing area is coming together just as I had hoped! It feels fun and creative, but clean and organized.  This area is close to being complete.  I am thinking of getting a new shelf for paper.  The one that I have is not quite fitting in with the "clean and organized" feel!  I need a few more buckets for my wall.  I keep buying all they have at Joann and have to wait for more.

This is a shot of the finished upper cabinets.  This is going to be a terrific work space!  Before school ended, it was SO nice to have the counter top to lay out papers covered with wet paint, sort papers, and laminate projects.  I have always wanted a surface like this in my classroom.  

My next plans are updating my desk, getting a new shelf for my writing area, decorating stools, creating cushions for stools, and adding a magnetic dry erase board to the backside of the cabinet.  After I get these things done, this area of my room will be finished!  Watching my room transform just makes me want to do more, more, more!


Anonymous said...

Your classroom looks wonderful! Hope you're having fun seeing it all come together. :)

I was wondering if you'd directly notified your winners of the I Teach K! registrations, or decided not to do the giveaway? I've been following your blog and Facebook page (but don't have FB, which is why I'm asking here, apologies) but never saw the results. As it's next week, I've given up hope on winning but I'm still curious to see the outcome.

Thanks, have a great day!

Autumn Morrison said...

I did notify winners directly. Two of my winners told me that they were unable to use the tickets due to the other travel expenses, so I had to pick two new ones. I didn't want to make it super public because I had a feeling that this could happen.

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