Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fight Back-to-School Bankruptcy!

I don't know about you, but every year I just about go broke when it's time for school to start.  Crayons are up to $0.50 PER BOX!!!  Sorry to yell, but that one really irks me!  Border, new name tags, notebooks, postcards, the list goes on and on.  And that is just stuff for my CLASS.  My kids need new lunchboxes, backpacks, shoes, uniforms...What's a teacher to do???  I am sure I am not the only one who faces "back-to-school bankruptcy".

I was thinking about this little problem when a light bulb went off!  Why not encourage teachers to stock-up on school items over the summer?  Why not offer items HALF OFF over the summer?  Why not discount the things teachers want most?  Let's do it!!!

All summer, I will offer a new item for 50% off each week.  I will choose items from those that are most wishlisted.  Make sure that your most wished for items are on your list.  It is like "voting" for what will be on sale.  Encourage your friends to wishlist with you so you can get more "votes".  Visit my store by clicking here and start wishlisting!

Week #1 I am featuring the Telling Time MOVE IT games.  Really, only Telling Time to Five Minutes is on the most wishlisted list, but what if YOU wanted a different set?  I better put them all on sale!  These games are SO much fun!  Kids review time with built-in brain breaks.  There is a worksheet for students to record answers or you can have them show answers on dry erase boards.  I like dry erase boards because it's a quick assessment tool.  You can choose to click on the slide and reveal the answers or advance to the next slide without showing answers.  After a few problems, kids get out of their seats to MOVE IT!  There is fun music during the breaks.  After the break, a skunk walks across the screen and tells kids to get back to work.  Watch carefully to see him spray an owl in a tree.  My kids LOVE that part!  It is a guaranteed good time!  Click here to check these games out!

There will be eight weeks of awesome savings!  Please remember that discounts are only offered for one week!  Don't miss out on great savings this summer.  Just think of all the extra boxes of crayons you'll be able to afford when school starts!  :)


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