Sunday, December 7, 2014

Workin' Hard with the Fit Desk

Cool, but not for me...
Ever since I began creating stuff on TpT, I have found myself sitting on the couch with my laptop for hours and hours and hours (and hours).  I get so sucked into my project that when I eventually stand-up, my legs are asleep and I have couch butt.  I hate this!  I like to move!  I saw these super cool treadmill desks a while back.

I considered buying one.  When I was researching, I found them to be over a thousand bucks each.  If this thing got me moving, it might be worth the money.  My real worry is, what if I get sucked in to my projects and forget to walk?  What if I hurt myself due to my lack of coordination?  As I was looking at the treadmill desks, I found this bike desk.

Here is what I like about the bike desk:
1) It doesn't take up too much floor space.
2) It was only $300.
3) If I forget to pedal, I am safely seated.

I ordered that baby right away!  It came in a little over a week.  I was a bit intimidated by all the pieces and the overwhelming directions.  I do love a good project, so I got busy right away.  I had it completely put together in about two hours.

It is not difficult to work and ride.  I can easily type and pedal.  It is smooth and not jerky.  Instead of spending 3 hours sitting on the couch each evening, I am now spending 3 hours on my bike.  I get all my work done, and get a workout in! I really love my bike and am so happy that I ordered it.  If you feel like you don't have time to work out, check out the Fit Desk!  


Amy said...

Can you post an update on how you like your exercise bike/desk? I'm also considering one and would love to know if you're still using yours, and the pros/cons you've seen over the last year. Thanks!

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