Saturday, September 14, 2013

Phonics Hunts and Hats!

Every week, my kiddos work on a different phonics sound.  We start with short vowels and work our way up to vowel teams and digraphs.  This year, I created some fun crowns to use with our sound of the week.  Here is what I am loving about these crowns -
  • Only 1 page per kid!  The entire project and the directions are on one sheet.  I don't feel guilty about wasting paper!
  • Educational AND Cute!  They have to fill-in the missing sound to complete words that feature the sound we are working on.  When they are done writing, they can color, cut and glue.
  • No prep for me!  I literally showed my firsties how to do this ONCE and they have done it independently for the past 3 weeks.  LOVE THAT! 
  • The kids look so darn cute in them!
I give my kiddos 20 minutes to complete the project.  When they are finished, they take out their "Word Work Notebooks" (these are just spiral bound notebooks that we use for lots of word work activities) and go on a hunt for the sound we are working on.  They can look in their reading books, good-fit books, and dictionaries.  This is nice because early finishers always have something meaningful to keep them busy.  My kids have always done these word hunts.  The crowns are adding a new level of fun because they make us "experts" on the sound.  When we wear our crowns, they help our brains find even more words than we would have without them. 

The set of hats comes in short vowels, long vowels, r-controlled vowels, and digraphs.  It is available in my TpT store.  Click here to check them out! 

My kinder teachers loved them so I made another set that feature all the letters of the alphabet.  Click here to find my Alphabet Crowns.

Thanks for reading!  Have a terrific week!


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