Monday, September 16, 2013

Reading Rugs - Read-to-Self for the Holidays

I keep my bags in a large tote and swap them out seasonally.
Doormats and gift bags from the dollar store.  4 centers = $8
I started "Reading Rugs" last year, and they are always a huge hit with my kiddos.  I found the cutest little rugs at Target in the dollar section.  (They are actually $3.)  These are small rugs (about 2 square foot).  I bought 4 rugs and 4 bags.  I put seasonal books in seasonal bags.  I have trick-or-treat bags for Halloween and gift bags for Christmas, etc.  The books in the bags range from level A to level O.  I want these bags to have a little somethin' for everybody. 

We use "reading rugs" as a part of Read-to-Self.  The kids grab a bag and a rug and go find some place to sit and read.  I sometimes put fun pointers in the bags too - witch fingers in the Halloween bag, plastic icicles in my winter bag, toothbrush in my dental health bag, etc.  These are totally fun and I feel like I am USING all these fun holiday books I always buy.
The kids are always SUPER excited to go to this center.  By changing out the rugs, bags, and books, the center is always fresh and exciting.  Plus, kids LOVE holidays and seasons!  This really gets them motivated to read. 

When the season is over, I just put the rugs in the bags with the books and put them in a cabinet until next year.  When the holiday or season rolls around again, all I need to do is take them out!  I LOVE IT WHEN IT'S EASY!!!  If you are interested in doing this in your class, you can find Halloween and Thanksgiving rugs at Target right now.  I have also found some fun rugs at the Dollar Tree.  Place mats and squares of fabric also work.

Check out some of my rugs!!!

Just found these cute Thanksgiving/Fall rugs at Target!


My Dr. Seuss bag includes a fun hat to wear!

Here is an entire center - rug, bag, and books!
Valentine Rugs

St. Patrick's Day Reading Rugs


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