Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spider Math Craftivity FREEBIE!!!


I love to make cute projects to decorate my room, but always feel the need to make them as educational as possible.  These spiders are the perfect cuties for my smarties! 
We painted the outside of two small paper plates purple.  I printed blank addition sentences on purple paper.  In my class, all students are working on mastering facts at various levels.  They move on once they can pass timed tests - no time for counting fingers!  This is nice because it really tied into what the kids are working on.  I have differentiated spiders on my ceiling!  Kids wrote facts on the legs of the spiders.  We accordion folded them and stapled the plates together.  One side of the spider got google eyes and the kids painted mouths.  The other side is totally math! 
These little guys look so cute hanging from my ceiling.  Click here to get the printable for legs and math fact circles. I have included circles for facts 8-22. 

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


Nancy Taylor-Davis said...

Thanks so much for sharing this adorable math activity! It will be perfect right now for Halloween (of course) and for my students and the addition facts practice they are working on!
Nancy (

asbishop said...

I love this valuable and fun craft. We might be doing them tomorrow. Thanks!

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