Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break Wrap-Up, New Work Space!

I am SO excited to be blogging from my brand spankin' new work space!  I had this craft area with lots of great storage which was much neglected and rarely used.  I revamped it over my spring break and made myself a delightful work area!  I am so lovin' it!  I just want to show you every little thing that I LOVE in this space!

I bought 4 yards of sage green burlap at Jo-Ann.  This was only 12 bucks!  I cut the burlap to fit and tacked it to the wall.  Next, I took jute, and got glued it to the burlap on the edges.  I tied bows and hot glued them in the corners.  I hot glued fancy buttons and paper flowers all over the place.  I have had these big buttons for YEARS!  I am so glad they now have a purpose.

This "Home" sign was the first thing I bought for my new house seven years ago.  I never knew where to hang it, so it has spent seven years in the box it came it!  It is a perfect fit on my wall.  I bought this sign from Uncommon Goods.  They have lots of fun, unique stuff!

I LOVE this bulletin board I found at Kohl's.  It was 50% off and I had Kohl's cash!  EVEN BETTER!  I love that I can look up and see my family when I am working.
Isn't this clock great?  It is a perfect fit in my space!  (It isn't 10:00 - I need batteries!)
I found this box at Hobby Lobby.  It has lots of spaces for little things!  
Can you believe I got this little clipboard at Wal-Mart?  I love that I can keep things I am referring to right next to my computer.  And I must mention how much I love my candle!  Have you seen these Nature's Wick candles?  I got mine at Target.  They have a wooden wick that crackles as it burns.  I think the sound is so soothing and relaxing.  It is one of my FAVORITE things!
I am absolutely crazy for these bins!  I am not sure what I am going to put in them, but they are adorable!  My mom bought me the "Autumn, Sweet, Autumn" sign years ago.  I was never sure where to put it because it seems a little vain to have a sign that says you are sweet, but my mom got it for me and it makes me happy.
I found this cute tray at Hobby Lobby.  I wish it was a little deeper so that I could stick more papers in it.
Isn't it terrific!  I just LOVE it!  But I can't fool you into thinking it is all grand.  That would be like lying, and I am not into dishonesty.  It only looks great with all the cabinets closed.  I have a whoppin' mess behind those doors!  Are you ready for my dirty little secret?  DON'T JUDGE ME! 
AAAHHHHH!  SHUT THE DOORS!!!  Maybe I will get to that project over summer break. :)  Thanks for looking at my beautiful new work space.  Please don't tell anyone about the mess! 


Autumn Morrison said...

Thanks, Heidi! It has a nice energy to it. I think I am going to really like working here. :)

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