Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fun - NO FOOLIN'!

Oh, Mr. Sketch...Can I be your Mrs?
We had SOOOOO much fun today!  We are actually going to celebrate April Fools Day all week long.  Here are some of the activities we are doing...

I was organizing my writing area when I realized what a hoarder of smelly markers I truly am!  I have TONS of them!   They are so fun and remind me of my own childhood.  I always wanted them and rarely got them so I am really making it up to myself now!  :)

This worksheet really smells!
So, there I am alone in my classroom, smelling all the markers.  The yellow reminds me of my grandma who always ate lemon drop candies.  I thought it would be fun for the kids to sniff the markers and write words that described what the smells reminded them of - toothpaste, cookies, soccer practice...who knows!  The sense of smell is powerful!  I thought this would also be great for spurring some creativity in reluctant writers.  They smelled the marker and wrote the words with that marker.  The best parts of this activity were that when they wrote their name it said "Autumn" Smells!  An added bonus was laughing at them for getting marker all over their noses.  Perfect April Fools fun!
I think you might have something on your nose, buddy!
Of course we had a little reminder talk about how smelling some markers are not good for us, but smelly markers were made for smelling and are safe.  To download the worksheet, click here!  WARNING:  IT MIGHT SMELL!  :)

I LOVE the inventive spelling!  It is such a great assessment of phonemic awareness!

Toilet hats?  Only on April 1st!
We also practiced expanded notation using the April Fools Watch, Think, Color game.  This design makes a toilet.  There is a flush sound at the end and "April Fools" is written on toilet paper.  We stepped it up by using the WTC crowns and actually WEARING our toilets on our heads.

I love to read Arthur's April Fool.  In the story, Arthur gives Binky Barnes a note that can only be read in the mirror.  After the story, we practiced reading silly poems that were written backwards and could only be read in a mirror.  This was lots of fun!

Arthur's April Fool

Yuck!  My hand looks so old and wrinkly!  
 I found mirrors at Dollar Tree (where I spend too many dollars!)  To download a few backward poems, click here!

I hope that you had a super April Fools Day with your kiddos!

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