Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I KNOW Watch, Think, Color games are great math practice.
I WANT to know how we can incorporate them in other areas.
I LEARNED that they make great KWL charts!

This week my class is learning about birds.  I have a cute bird Watch, Think, Color game.  I wanted to make a KWL chart about birds, so I decided to combine the two by making a WTC KWL chart!  On Monday, we practiced counting on and counting back with the WTC game and colored the bird picture.  On Tuesday, we gave our chart a title and filled out the K and W sections of our chart.  Today we finished up!  I have lots of books sorted according to subject so I gave each group a handful of nonfiction bird books.  We spent some time reading and learning about birds.  We met as a class, discussed what we learned, and filled-in the L on our chart.  This was so much fun!  To download this WTC KWL chart, click here!  I hope that you can use this resource to make your Watch, Think, Color games even more useful.  I have other WTC graphic organizers in the works!  ;)


asbishop said...

This is a really intriguing application. Now I need to go back through the puzzles I have and see which ones might lend themselves to this. Maybe I could even do 5 different puzzles on these sheets and then have the kids self select which one they want to fill out and learn more about. Ummm I need to think about this.

Autumn Morrison said...

That would be a fun idea! I would love to hear about how you decide to use them. :)

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