Friday, May 16, 2014

Busy Day Movin' Stuff!

Today was such a busy day!  Tests in spelling, reading, and math, lesson plans, planning a literacy fair, setting-up a book fair, and working on my dream classroom!  I am so happy that it is Friday!  I think I am going to have to go in this weekend because I am SO impatient and can't stand it half finished!

Today's big accomplishments were moving two huge cabinets.  I have had a large white cabinet in my room since I moved in.  Why get rid of it?

  1. It is white and I am converting to maple and birch.  
  2. It is right next to my new cabinets and made the area feel crowded.  It is really deep.  
  3. It had SO much junk in it!  I filled a large trash bag, sent a box of treasures to our teacher resource room, and kept a small pile that still needs to find a new home.  

This cabinet is actually much bigger than it looks in the photo!

Hooray!  It is empty!

I used pant hangers to hold anchor charts.  This worked really well!
Two of my wonderful teacher friends helped me haul this monster to a classroom across the playground.  Who needs men? :)  We got this!!!

Last summer, my school bought me this cabinet from Discount School Supply.  I call it "The Big Daddy" because this guy is BIG- 74 inches tall and 48 inches wide!  I did not get the tubs that come with it.  I found some clear tubs from Walmart that fit PERFECTLY!  This cabinet was across the room and I liked where it was.  So, why move it?  
  1. I really want to focus on one area at a time, and don't want to spend the money on another cabinet.   
  2. The birch will look great with my new cabinets.
  3. It is only 15 inches deep, so it would make the area feel less crowded.  
I don't love the look of the junk in the clear tubs, so I made little labels for my bins.  I have lots of Poppin Patterns prints so I made the labels match.  I cut black paper to fit my tubs, glued a cut-out on each paper, and then laminated.  I did not write on the labels before I laminated them because I want to be able to change what they say.  I have made labels in the past and then decided that I could condense two things or needed to add something and I didn't have matching labels.  That bums me out!  I left these blank and will write on them with Vis-A-Vis pens so that I am able to change them as needed.  

I had a little "kitchen" station set-up for my microwave and coffee maker.  It was not very cute, but it worked well.  I have moved all of these things into the big daddy cabinet and it looks SO much cleaner!  
The old "kitchen" station.

The new "kitchen" station!

Getting these cabinets moved was a HUGE accomplishment.  I have made a BIG mess in my room.  I need to start finding new homes for the many things that have been displaced by my makeover.  I don't want to put very much in my cabinets until the counter tops are installed.  I am also going to get upper cabinets over the summer and will be able to put lots of my treasures in them.
Piles everywhere!!!  I can't wait to get it cleaned up!
So much work to do, but I really do love it!!!  I am so excited to see things coming together.  I will blog more as I make more progress.


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