Saturday, May 17, 2014

Classroom Decorating DIY

I have been giving my classroom library a makeover for the past few weeks and want to share some of my finished projects.
Project #1 - Cushions!
I found these great black storage benches at Walmart.  They were $60 each.  They hold so much stuff and I could definitely use all the storage space I can get!  They were very plain looking so I made some cushions for the back of them.  I wrapped batting and fabric around foam core board.  I used upholstery pins to make them tufted.  I hot glued buttons over the upholstery pins.

Project #2 - Stools!
I spray painted paint buckets and lids then made simple cushions by wrapping batting and fabric over foam core board.  I added a little ruffle and ribbon to spice them up!  I love that I can store stuff inside of them.  I was SO happy with these until one of my little darlings saw them and said, "Look!  She even made matching trash cans!" :)
Project #3 - Lamp!
I just covered a plain lamp shade with some leftover fabric and added a ruffle to the bottom.  This was a really simple project, but it really adds to the room!

Project #4 - Shelves!
I bought these plain wooden shelves at Joann's.  I took off the hooks and spray painted them.  I hot glued ribbon on them and then screwed the hooks back on.  This is perfect for hanging the headphones at my listening center.  I have made a couple more shelves like this, but left the hooks off.  I have many of these little book characters.  They did not all fit on one shelf, so I had to add more.  They look a lot cuter spread out a bit.  

I LOVE doing crafty DIY projects!  These are just a few of the things that I am finished with.  I have several more projects in the works!  Thanks for reading about my room makeover.  This is only the beginning!


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