Monday, July 21, 2014

Classroom Set-Up

LOVIN' the counter tops!
My mission to create my dream classroom continues as I get ready for the new school year.  I have spent the last three days at school and feel like I have barely made a dent!  I decided to blog about the progress to motivate me to keep on truckin'.  I will just focus on the good stuff that is happening in room 203!

I am LOVING my new cabinets!  I rip out workbook pages and sort them at the beginning of every year.  Having all this counter space has made this job so MUCH more enjoyable.

I am still trying to decide what I want to store inside of the cabinets.  We have five different reading books in my room.  Five books times 25 copies of each = 125 reading books.  YIKES!  They take up so much rom and they are so heavy!  I managed to fit all of them in the bottom of one cabinet.  Out of sight and out of mind!  The best news is that I still have more space under the other cabinet.

I had some small shelves lining one of my walls.  The shelves stored lots of materials, but they had some issues.  This was the best picture I could find of the old shelves.  See them in the background?
This was an old photo so I don't have a release for this little lady.
Trust me when I say, she is WAY cuter than the cartoon face!
Here is what I did not like about my old shelves:

  • All of my clutter was visible.  I love my stuff, but I don't love looking at it!  
  • The shelves were cheap particle board and the bottoms had buckled from storing all my reading books. 
  • They were also a dark wood and I am trying to get everything to match.  
  • The tops of the shelves were getting very worn.
I looked at many websites and stores.  To get really good classroom shelves would be crazy pricey!  I found some shelves at Target that I think will be a great solution for me.  

Threshold™ Carson 5 Shelf Bookcase with Doors
This is my new shelf from Target!
Here is what I love about the new shelves:
  • They have closed doors that will hide unsightly boxes!  
  • They are tall so that I can take full advantage of my space.
  • The shelf on the left is the finished product.  Still working on the others.
  • I can change the knobs to match my classroom decor.
Polkadot knobs!!!
I put four of these shelves side-by-side on one wall.  I just started filling the shelves and am so excited about how it is coming together.
I have most of the bottom filled and am working on filling the open shelves with containers that match and hide the contents.  I have buckets on top with books sorted by authors that we do for author study.

I found these cute clear paint cans at Joann's and I am such a hoarder that I think I need them everywhere!  I have already put a ton of small ones in my writing area.  Now I am using the gallon size cans to store random materials.  I think they look super cute!  I keep buying all that they have at my local store and then checking for more like a maniac.

Just looking at this makes me happy!!!

Hopefully, I will have some awesome "After" pictures to post soon.  Setting up the room takes so much time!


Susan Efseaff said...

I love how your room is coming along, Autumn! It really will be a dream classroom. Congratulations! You deserve it and so do your kids. Keep posting pictures!

Jenn Long said...

Your room is looking awesome! I'm loving those paint cans! Off to JoAnn's for me! :)
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