Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Dream Desk is a Reality!

I love, love love my new desk!  I actually don't sit at the desk except during recess and after school.  My aide uses the "teacher" desk in my class.  I switched out my old desk (which I really liked) for a smaller desk that belonged to a dear friend of mine who is no longer with us.  I was helping clean out her classroom the day after school ended and saw that she had written her name inside the desk drawer.  This melted my heart and I knew that I REALLY wanted that desk in my room.

There were a few problems with it.  It was really small and the wood on the top was dark brown (and if you have been following this blog, you know I am getting rid of dark brown).  Despite these problems, this desk is really special to me and I am honored to have it in my room.  I called up my cabinet man (I secretly call him Cliff Cabinets) and asked him to order some more of that lime green counter top.

I had him make it ten inches larger than the desk so that I could stick a kid on the end if my aide needed to work one-on-one with a student.  Cliff Cabinets showed up today with the counter top and it is better than anything I imaged.  He wanted to screw it to the desk, but the desk belongs to the school so I said no.  The surprising advantage of leaving it unattached is that I can easily slide the counter to one side or the other.  I can center it over the desk if I don't want to put a chair on either end.  This makes the desk is so practical and versatile.  It looks amazing with the lime green top and it is so sentimental.  It really is my DREAM desk!  I am going to be jealous when I see an aide sitting in it!  It is MY dream desk!  :)
Cliff Cabinets will be back next week for a REALLY crazy project!  I will blog about it as soon as it is finished!  This next one may be too much even for me! :)


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