Saturday, August 9, 2014

Favorite Things Giveaway #1 Scentsy

If you follow my blog, you know that I have been working all summer to create my dream classroom.  I am excited to start a series of giveaways of my favorite things!  Each month, I will post something in my classroom that I LOVE and you will have a chance to win it!

One of the most important things to me about any space is the smell!  I can be in the most fancy shmancy of places, but if it stinks, it's all over for me!  I teach firsties and after recess, my room smells like puppies.  I can only imagine what happens in older grades!  I use my scentsy everyday to keep my room smelling fresh and clean!  I love that I can change the fragrances daily or according to the seasons and holidays.  New fragrances create a new atmosphere.  I love to smell pumpkin in the fall and citrus in the spring.  For me, scents are really tied to memories and moods.  Scentsy gives me the power to control that!  My Scentsy bars last for SO long!  I keep a variety of fragrances in my cabinet so that I can switch them out as often as I want.  
I get my Scentsy products from one of my parents, Delina Duchaineau.  She is the nicest lady and she is also a teacher!  She has offered to donate a warmer and two Scentsy bars to my giveaway.  I told you she was the nicest lady! 

Scentsy offers SO many different warmers and guess what?  Delina said the winner can choose their own warmer!  
Here are a few of my favorites:
Chevron Black Scentsy Warmer PREMIUMBig Apple Scentsy Warmer PREMIUMCarrey Scentsy Warmer ELEMENT
There is a warmer to fit any classroom decor!  To see more warmers, click here!

Ok, so let's talk about the SCENTS!  Here are some of my all time favorites!
Scentsy also offers special scents throughout the year.  They have a catalog for fall/winter and spring/summer.  Last year, I got a gingerbread and a holiday cinnamon bar that made my classroom smell great all winter!  

Beach Scent CircleI also love the Scentsy body products.  Have you tried them?  They have lotions, soaps, perfumes, even laundry soaps!  My favorite scent is Luna.  I might be called a Luna-lunatic!  I think I have bought everything they make in that scent!  I always put Scentsy Circles in my suitcase when I am traveling.  My clothes smell like home to me.  It's like a little treat!  
Check out Delina's site to see all the wonderful things Scentsy has to offer!  
I am so excited to kick off this giveaway!  Please spread the word to all your teacher friends who might be interested in entering!  

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Doreen said...

My favorite scent is Mochadoodle! Thanks so much for the chance to win! I've been wanting to get a Scenty warmer for years!! Hope, hoping to win! ;)


Kaela Duran said...

I'd definitely would like to try Perfectly Pomegranate, I'm sure it smells wonderful. Thank you for always thinking of others Autumn with your giveaways :) so sweet!

Nicole Swisher said...

I used to sell Scentsy!! I love all of them, but around Christmas, I love Christmas Cottage (if that's still around:)!! :)

All Things Apple in 2nd

Tanya Malwitz said...

Would love to try anything coconut, peppermint, or vanilla. I have never tried this product and would love the chance to freshen the "scent" in my classroom!

Debbie Russell said...

I'm new to Scentsy - I actually thought it was scented markers! But after looking at their website, I think Ocean or Beach might be a scent I would love!

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